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Have fun growing at home without a backyard garden.

1. Grab and fill a standard drinking glass with water.

2. Pick the desired seed sprout plate and place on top of the glass so that the plate is partially submerged in the water. Place seed(s) on top of the plate.

3. Determine the duration of time for seed to sprout by looking at seed packet.  Roots from the seed will sprout and grow into the water.

4.  When roots are ready, remove sprouted seeds from water and transfer to soil. Provide adequate sunshine and water based on the needs of the specific plant.

Set of 3 terracotta seed sprout plates. Small hole seed sprouter for alfalfa, broccoli, mustard, lentil and other small seeds. Medium hole for walnuts, crocus. peanut, almond. Large hole for succulents, avocado, cactus and more.


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