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Röding is a vegan, gluten free, raspberry flavored confection with no artificial additives or colorings. We’ve taken the name from the Arctic Char (“Röding” in Swedish) since they share the same characteristic red color. The fresh raspberry taste makes it a perfect complement to our licorice and is one of our favorite combos.  


Sur Röding has the fresh raspberry taste as the Röding, but is rolled in a sour sweet powder.
Get the sweetness you want with a slight pucker taste from the sourness.
Premium candy perfect as a special treat for yourself or a gift to friends and family.
Vegan and gluten free, with no artificial additives or colorings.
Kolsvart is a socially conscious company that donates part of the proceeds from its Sea range candy line (white bags) to restore aquatic environments. Eat candy, and feel good that you’re donating to a great cause.


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